What We Get Done


We coordinate all hotels and travel plans related to your shoot. You will receive our special discounted rates with the top of the list hotels to budget hotels.


Our experienced location scouts will scout locations, and we will ensure that pictures will be posted onto a secure web site for you that very day.


We do the initial location scout as per the need of the script. We will file for all State and local permits for you and will obtain all necessary clearances from the concerned authorities.


Ground transport for crew from Airport to Hotel and to Location is taken care by us. We help you get the best on location facility with professional drivers. Self driving is not recommended for foreign crew members.


We are well connected with various studios and equipment rental houses in different regions of the country providing high quality equipment and all at the best prices.


Our legal team will consult on India taxation laws and other legal requirements, including contracts with crew members, talent releases and keep clear transparency.


Arri is very popular in India and is readily available to rent. Canon and Sony can also be sourced (subject to availability)


The permit depends on the location you want to shoot at. A detailed flight plan needs to be submitted in advance for permission application. The application process will take 90 days (approx) of the DP is a foreigner and 45 days (approx) if DP is an Indian.


GSM mode. If you have a Tri-Band phone you should be able to make and receive calls in India. We recommend getting a local sim card , as that is convenient as well as economical. In most of the cities 4g network is available.


We have a best in the field database of selected and experienced professionals from all over the country. We negotiate the most economical rates, liaising with unions where required.


We analyse and break down your script, work out a budget and a schedule for you. All movie budgets and schedules are done on Movie Magic.


We assist you in the ‘J’ or ‘B’ category visa application process to get visas for your cast and Crew. Or even with the new “Film Visa” Introduced by the Government of India. We will guide you through the process.


We have experienced casting directors, model coordinators & extras coordinators who have been a part of the industry and who understand the character details that a director looks for. We will organize casting and post auditions online for the director to view.


We can help in the clearing of all shipments to India as well as the subsequent export out of the country. Equipment can be imported on an ATA Carnet.


The safe shipment of exposed stock can be arranged to your lab if you should want to process your film overseas. HD Backups for Digital formats can be arranged in India as well.


Monsoon season starts in June and ends by the end of September. The hottest months of year are April to June in Western & Southern India and May to July in Northern India. September to March are pleasant weather to shoot.


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